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US Government Grants Idea | Treasured Articles

US Government Grants Idea | Treasured Articles

Government grants in the US government usually issued to a certain projects that promote positive externalities, which means the project should have greater positive effect to the society rather than the private benefit. A certain grant may be given by the state government or by federal government.

The Federal government grants are usually given to a certain companies and firms instead of the individuals. There are three types of federal grants and they are the Project grants, the Earmark grants and the Formula Grants.

Earmark grants were given through legislators. These grants were added to the bills that they were going to pass. These would help the projects to obtain funds from the government without any reviews from the public, thus, the legislators may often abuse this kind of government grants. Project grants were being issued to a particular project that does researching programs. A certain medical company that does some researches about drugs that could help in fighting a certain disease is the most common company that qualified to this type of grants. Formula grants were the grants that were ordered by an existing law which provides funds that were usually used by the government to support programs that demotes the substance abuse and protects the natural resources like forest.

The grants issued for individuals that came from a specific state are called State grants. In these grants, promoting the higher education is their priority. It includes the education grant and the college grant.

Grants for education are usually given to both institutions and individuals. The institution may consume the grants for their facilities improvement whereas individuals who are needy or physically handicapped like those blind people and deaf people may use the grant to help them finish their schooling. The college grants were given to higher achievers that weren't able to support their college. The government offer financial support for them by either paying all their college expenditures or may be just a part of it, depends on individual's cases.

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