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How Government Grants Assist you to Expand Your Business ...

How Government Grants Assist you to Expand Your Business ...

Small businesses are the anchor of your world's economic climate, and for that reason they are the one of those particular several happy industrial sectors that happen to be granted particular benefits by way of the government. These allows can certainly help your organization to develop and achieve some great targets. The laws in a lot of these allows are quite variable and customarily you don't see any credit rating checks. Even anyone who has sent in chapter 7 are often eligible to some special form of allows.

These allows are way much better than lending options. If you find yourself presented a offer, then you do want to look at paying it back inside of a very limited time which is there in the instance of lending options. This is very much at the time period 'free money'.

As you know that it is extremely tough car insurance activity to increase dollars to your company. Thus it's not very economical for individuals to obtain lending options in an early stage of this company. Scholarships never involve collaterals which is in the matter of lending options. Thus that is no high-risk company. The majority of us who don't know this for certain without understanding it apply for lending options.

Grants prove useful not simply should there be an excuse for widening your online business but will also whenever you want to begin your individual company. You will be absolutely eligible to receiving allows in the latter scenario. This is applicable for almost all forms of works. So, no matter if you are venturing out in the area of vehicles or opening up daily caution center, you can keylogger download make application for a offer.

The allows are supplied by the us govenment of the United States of North america, the appropriate state government along with the even by some personal footings. The resources from the second option scenario could be in just all the different $ 500 to $ 50, 000. Each resident of the United States of North america who's a grownup is totally eligible to these allows.

Let this be identified, nevertheless, that it must be not no problem to actually get these financing options. We have a big rivalry. Allow me to give you some easy ideas that can help someone to design your way as a result of.

First of all you must look closely at all the info that get excited about the process. Usually ensure you satisfy all of the eligibility problems. Keep your total needed documentation ready opony available. Be prepared to deal with the stiff task that will be offered to you because of your competitors.

Sometimes this gets to be a really time acquiring procedure. Us even surrender in the midst of it, fresh fruits if you keep on preventing because of it right until the tip, it's going to be more often than not that it's going to be you who has the behind. Lowering separate different techniques of this procedure into possible modules. Thus basic a structured and proper course of action your odds on receiving that offer will significantly raise.

You also can consult with different internet sites that give you specialized guidance for the entire procedure. In addition there are numerous websites that might establish helpful to you for tracking different allows out there around.

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Are there any good websites for free government grants for home ...

Are there any good websites for free government grants for home ...

Are there any excellent websites for free government grants for home improvements?Or State grants for this? I'm in Florida.

Answer by !!!!! A

Answer by AndyD
I don't know about Florida.But if i were you and someone would have offered me a Free Government Grant, i'd reflect about it double. You have no thought how many con artists are out there waiting for people like you.If you ever receive an email or see an ad saying you qualified for one,it's a scam for sure.
Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation's consumer protection outfit, says that "money for nothing" grant offers usually are scams, whether you see them in your local paper or a national magazine, or hear about them on the phone.
Some scam artists advertise "free grants" in the classifieds, inviting readers to call a toll-free number for more information. Others are more bold: they call you out of the blue. They lie about where they're calling from, or they claim legitimacy by an official-sounding name like the "Federal Grants Administration."

Are there any federal government grants available for home improvements?

Answer by R P

Don't you reflect there are already enough government hand outs that the TAXPAYERS pay for? You get to fix your house with YOUR money.

Answer by the kid
No, there are not. Why do you reflect that others' tax dollars should pay for you to make your house nicer?

Answer by Realty Geek
I reflect those above might have misunderstood. If I know what you're asking correctly is that you're not looking to place in a swimming pool or anything like that but just getting some help making some basic, elemental upgrades you may need.

If that is indeed the case, then there are loans such as rehab and repair loans, material goods improvement loans, rural area loans, the HOME program etc. We really have an article that specifically answers this question so check us out to learn more! Hope this helps!

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Small Business Government Grants in Illinois |

Small Business Government Grants in Illinois |


Greater house preservation firms care for thousands of properties throughout the United States. These larger organizations look for out smaller vendors who service various zip codes for house preservation jobs. It is not uncommon for little genuine estate solutions organizations to obtain ten to twenty operate orders at 1 time, which can equal tens of thousands of dollars in jobs and modest enterprise contracts.

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From Ontology Prototype

(Difference between revisions)

Accountancy is the process of communicating financial information about a business entity to users such as shareholders and managers.[1] The communication is generally in the form of financial statements that show in money terms the economic resources under the control of management; the art lies in selecting the information that is relevant to the user and is reliable.[2] The principles of accountancy are applied to business entities in three divisions of practical art, named accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing.[3]

Accountancy is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) as “the profession or duties of an accountant”.

New Orleans CPA Firms

Accounting is defined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) as “the art of recording, classifying, and summarizing in a significant manner and in terms of money, transactions and events which are, in part at least, of financial character, and interpreting the results thereof.”[4]

Accounting is thousands of years old; the earliest accounting records, which date back more than 7,000 years, were found in Mesopotamia (Assyrians). The people of that time relied on primitive accounting methods to record the growth of crops and herds. Accounting evolved, improving over the years and advancing as business advanced.[5]

Early accounts served mainly to assist the memory of the businessperson and the audience for the account was the proprietor or record keeper alone. Cruder forms of accounting were inadequate for the problems created by a business entity involving multiple investors, so double-entry bookkeeping first emerged in northern Italy in the 14th century, where trading ventures began to require more capital than a single individual was able to invest. The development of joint stock companies created wider audiences for accounts, as investors without firsthand knowledge of their operations relied on accounts to provide the requisite information.[6] This development resulted in a split of accounting systems for internal (i.e. management accounting) and external (i.e. financial accounting) purposes, and subsequently also in accounting and disclosure regulations and a growing need for independent attestation of external accounts by auditors.[7]

Miami CPA Firms

Today, accounting is called “the language of business” because it is the vehicle for reporting financial information about a business entity to many different groups of people. Accounting that concentrates on reporting to people inside the business entity is called management accounting and is used to provide information to employees, managers, owner-managers and auditors. Management accounting is concerned primarily with providing a basis for making management or operating decisions. Accounting that provides information to people outside the business entity is called financial accounting and provides information to present and potential shareholders, creditors such as banks or vendors, financial analysts, economists, and government agencies. Because these users have different needs, the presentation of financial accounts is very structured and subject to many more rules than management accounting. The body of rules that governs financial accounting in a given jurisdiction is called Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP. Other rules include International Financial Reporting Standards, or IFRS[8], or US GAAP.


The basic accounting equation is assets = liabilities + stockholders’ equity. This is the balance sheet. The foundation for the balance sheet begins with the income statement, which is revenues – expenses = net income or net loss. This is followed by the retained earnings statement, which is beginning retained earnings + net income – dividends = ending retained earnings or beginning retained earnings – net loss – dividends = ending retained earnings. The current ratio is current assets divided by current liabilities. The debt to total assets ratio is total assets divided by total liabilities.


The word “Accountant” is derived from the French word Compter, which took its origin from the Latin word Computare. The word was formerly written in English as “Accomptant”, but in process of time the word, which was always pronounced by dropping the “p”, became gradually changed both in pronunciation and in orthography to its present form[9] (see also comptroller).

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Token accounting in ancient Mesopotamia

Map of the Middle East showing the Fertile Cresent circa. 3rd millennium BC

The earliest accounting records were found amongst the ruins of ancient Babylon, Assyria and Sumeria, which date back more than 7,000 years. The people of that time relied on primitive accounting methods to record the growth of crops and herds. Because there is a natural season to farming and herding, it is easy to count and determine if a surplus had been gained after the crops had been harvested or the young animals weaned.[5]

Accounting tokens made of clay, from Susa, Uruk period, cira 3500 BCE. Department of Oriental Antiquities, Louvre.

The invention of a form of bookkeeping using clay tokens represented a huge cognitive leap for mankind.[10]

Globular token envelope with a cluster of accounting tokens. Clay, Susa, Uruk period (4000 to 3100 BCE). Department of Oriental Antiquities, Louvre.

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Economic tablet with numeric signs. Proto-Elamite script in clay, Susa, Uruk period (3200 BC to 2700 BCE). Department of Oriental Antiquities, Louvre.

Early Accounting in India Early references to accounting concepts are found in the Vedas: Vikraya is found in the Atharvaveda and the Nirukta denoting 'sale'. Sulka in the Rig veda clearly means 'price'. In the Dharma Sutras it denotes a 'tax'.[11]

Accounting in the Roman Empire

Part of the Res Gestae Divi Augusti from the Monumentum Ancyranum (Temple of Augustus and Rome) at Ancyra, built between 25 BCE – 20 BCE.

The Res Gestae Divi Augusti (Latin: “The Deeds of the Divine Augustus”) is a remarkable account to the Roman people of the Emperor Augustus’ stewardship. It listed and quantified his public expenditure, which encompassed distributions to the people, grants of land or money to army veterans, subsidies to the aerarium (treasury), building of temples, religious offerings, and expenditures on theatrical shows and gladiatorial games. It was not an account of state revenue and expenditure, but was designed to demonstrate Augustus’ munificence. The significance of the Res Gestae Divi Augusti from an accounting perspective lies in the fact that it illustrates that the executive authority had access to detailed financial information, covering a period of some forty years, which was still retrievable after the event. The scope of the accounting information at the emperor’s disposal suggests that its purpose encompassed planning and decision-making.[12]

The Roman historians Suetonius and Cassius Dio record that in 23 BC, Augustus prepared a rationarium (account) which listed public revenues, the amounts of cash in the aerarium (treasury), in the provincial fisci (tax officials), and in the hands of the publicani (public contractors); and that it included the names of the freedmen and slaves from whom a detailed account could be obtained. The closeness of this information to the executive authority of the emperor is attested by Tacitus’ statement that it was written out by Augustus himself.[13]

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Roman writing tablet from the Vindolanda Roman fort of Hadrian’s Wall, in Northumberland (1st-2nd century AD) requesting money to buy 5,000 measures of cereal used for brewing beer. Department of Prehistory and Europe, British Museum.

Records of cash, commodities, and transactions were kept scrupulously by military personnel of the Roman army. An account of small cash sums received over a few days at the fort of Vindolanda circa 110 CE shows that the fort could compute revenues in cash on a daily basis, perhaps from sales of surplus supplies or goods manufactured in the camp, items dispensed to slaves such as cervesa (beer) and clavi caligares (nails for boots), as well as commodities bought by individual soldiers. The basic needs of the fort were met by a mixture of direct production, purchase and requisition; in one letter, a request for money to buy 5,000 modii (measures) of braces (a cereal used in brewing) shows that the fort bought provisions for a considerable number of people.[14]

The Heroninos Archive is the name given to a huge collection of papyrus documents, mostly letters, but also including a fair number of accounts, which come from Roman Egypt in 3rd century CE. The bulk of the documents relate to the running of a large, private estate[15] is named after Heroninos because he was phrontistes (Koine Greek: manager) of the estate which had a complex and standarised system of accounting which was followed by all its local farm managers.[16] Each administrator on each sub-division of the estate drew up his own little accounts, for the day-to-day running of the estate, payment of the workforce, production of crops, the sale of produce, the use of animals, and general expenditure on the staff. This information was then summarized as pieces of papyrus scroll into one big yearly account for each particular sub—division of the estate. Entries were arranged by sector, with cash expenses and gains extrapolated from all the different sectors. Accounts of this kind gave the owner the opportunity to take better economic decisions because the information was purposefully selected and arranged.[17]

Simple accounting is mentioned in the Christian Bible (New Testament) in the Book of Matthew, in the Parable of the Talents.[18]

Islamic accounting and algebra In the Qur'an, the word “account” (Arabic: hesab) is used in its generic sense, relating to one’s obligation to account to God on all matters pertaining to human endeavour. According to the Qur'an, followers are required to keep records of their indebtedness (Sura 2, ayah 282), thus Islam provides general approval and guidelines for the recording and reporting of transactions.[19]

The Islamic law of inheritance (Sura 4, ayah 11) defines exactly how the estate is calculated after death of an individual. The power of testamentary disposition is basically limited to one-third of the net estate (i.e. the assets remaining after the payment of funeral expenses and debts), providing for every member of the family by allotting fixed shares not only to wives and children, but also to fathers and mothers.[20] The complexity of this law served as an impetus behind the development of algebra (Arabic: al-jabr) by the Persian mathematician Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi and other medieval Islamic mathematicians. Khwarizmi’s “The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing” (Arabic: Hisab al-jabr w'al-muqabala, Baghdad, c. 825) devoted a chapter on the solution to the Islamic law of inheritance using linear equations.[21] In the 12th century, Latin translations of al-Khwarizmi’s “Book of Addition and Subtraction According to the Hindu Calculation” (Arabic:Kitab al-Jam? wa-l-tafriq bi-?isab al-Hind) on the use of Indian numerals, introduced the decimal positional number system to the Western world.[22] The development of mathematics and accounting was intertwined during the Renaissance. Mathematics was in the midst of a period of significant development in the late 15th century. Hindu-Arabic numerals and algebra were introduced to Europe from Arab mathematics at the end of the 10th century by the Benedictine monk Gerbert of Aurillac, but it was only after Leonardo Pisano (also known as Fibonacci) put commercial arithmetic, Hindu-Arabic numerals, and the rules of algebra together in his Liber Abaci in 1202 that Hindu-Arabic numerals became widely used in Italy.[23]

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Luca Pacioli and double-entry bookkeeping Main articles: Luca Pacioli and Double-entry bookkeeping system

Bartering was the dominant practice for traveling merchants during the Middle Ages. When medieval Europe moved to a monetary economy in the 13th century, sedentary merchants depended on bookkeeping to oversee multiple simultaneous transactions financed by bank loans. One important breakthrough took place around that time: the introduction of double-entry bookkeeping,[24] which is defined as any bookkeeping system in which there was a debit and credit entry for each transaction, or for which the majority of transactions were intended to be of this form.[25] The historical origin of the use of the words 'debit' and 'credit' in accounting goes back to the days of single-entry bookkeeping in which the chief objective was to keep track of amounts owed by customers (debtors) and amounts owed to creditors. 'Debit,' is Latin for 'he owes' and 'credit' Latin for 'he trusts'.[26]

The earliest extant evidence of full double-entry bookkeeping is the Farolfi ledger of 1299-1300.[24] Giovanno Farolfi & Company were a firm of Florentine merchants whose head office was in Nîmes who also acted as moneylenders to the Archbishop of Arles, their most important customer.[27] The oldest discovered record of a complete double-entry system is the Messari (Italian: Treasurer’s) accounts of the city of Genoa in 1340. The Messari accounts contain debits and credits journalised in a bilateral form, and contains balances carried forward from the preceding year, and therefore enjoy general recognition as a double-entry system.[28]

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Portrait of Luca Pacioli, attributed to Jacopo de’ Barbari, 1495, (Museo di Capodimonte).

Luca Pacioli’s “Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalità” (Italian: “Review of Arithmetic, Geometry, Ratio and Proportion”) was first printed and published in Venice in 1494. It included a 27-page treatise on bookkeeping, “Particularis de Computis et Scripturis” (Italian: “Details of Calculation and Recording”). It was written primarily for, and sold mainly to, merchants who used the book as a reference text, as a source of pleasure from the mathematical puzzles it contained, and to aid the education of their sons. It represents the first known printed treatise on bookkeeping; and it is widely believed to be the forerunner of modern bookkeeping practice. In Summa Arithmetica, Pacioli introduced symbols for plus and minus for the first time in a printed book, symbols that became standard notation in Italian Renaissance mathematics. Summa Arithmetica was also the first known book printed in Italy to contain algebra.[29]

Although Luca Pacioli did not invent double-entry bookkeeping,[30] his 27-page treatise on bookkeeping contained the first known published work on that topic, and is said to have laid the foundation for double-entry bookkeeping as it is practiced today.[31] Even though Pacioli’s treatise exhibits almost no originality, it is generally considered as an important work, mainly because of its wide circulation, it was written in the vernacular Italian language, and it was a printed book.[32]

According to Pacioli, accounting is an ad hoc ordering system devised by the merchant. Its regular use provides the merchant with continued information about his business, and allows him to evaluate how things are going and to act accordingly. Pacioli recommends the Venetian method of double-entry bookkeeping above all others. Three major books of account are at the direct basis of this system: the memoriale (Italian: memorandum), the giornale (journal), and the quaderno (ledger). The ledger is considered as the central one and is accompanied by an alphabetical index.[33]

Denver CPA Firms

Pacioli’s treatise gave instructions in how to record barter transactions and transactions in a variety of currencies – both being far more commonplace than they are today. It also enabled merchants to audit their own books and to ensure that the entries in the accounting records made by their bookkeepers complied with the method he described. Without such a system, all merchants who did not maintain their own records were at greater risk of theft by their employees and agents: it is not by accident that the first and last items described in his treatise concern maintenance of an accurate inventory.[34]

The nature of double-entry can be grasped by recognizing that this system of bookkeeping did not simply record the things merchants traded so that they could keep track of assets or calculate profits and losses; instead as a system of writing, double-entry produced effects that exceeded transcription and calculation. One of its social effects was to proclaim the honesty of merchants as a group; one of its epistemological effects was to make its formal precision based on a rule bound system of arithmetic seem to guarantee the accuracy of the details it recorded. Even though the information recorded in the books of account was not necessarily accurate, the combination of the double entry system’s precision and the normalizing effect that precision tended to create, produced the impression that books of account were not only precise, but accurate as well. Instead of gaining prestige from numbers, double entry bookkeeping helped confer cultural authority on numbers.[35]

Double entry accounting means that money is never lost or gained. It is always transferred from one place to another. This is done by recording transactions. Each transaction requires the use of at least two accounts.

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Accounting in the internet era’ In the IETF RFCs the act of accounting is usually defined as the act of collecting information on resource usage for the purpose of trend analysis, auditing, billing, or cost allocation.

For example when a user uses a connectivity service paid with a pay-per-view approach the accounting process is based on a metering of the resource usage by the user (usually time spent with an active connection or the amount of data tranferred using that connection). The accounting is hence the recording of this connectivity service consumption for subsequent charging of the service itself.

Cleveland CPA Firms

Accounting scandals

Main article: Accounting scandals The year 2001 witnessed a series of financial information frauds involving Enron Corporation, auditing firm Arthur Andersen, the telecommunications company WorldCom, Qwest and Sunbeam, among other well-known corporations. These problems highlighted the need to review the effectiveness of accounting standards, auditing regulations and corporate governance principles. In some cases, management manipulated the figures shown in financial reports to indicate a better economic performance. In others, tax and regulatory incentives encouraged over-leveraging of companies and decisions to bear extraordinary and unjustified risk.[36]

The Enron scandal deeply influenced the development of new regulations to improve the reliability of financial reporting, and increased public awareness about the importance of having accounting standards that show the financial reality of companies and the objectivity and independence of auditing firms.[36]

In addition to being the largest bankruptcy reorganization in American history, the Enron scandal undoubtedly is the biggest audit failure.[37] The scandal caused the dissolution of Arthur Andersen, which at the time was one of the five largest accounting firms in the world. It involved a financial scandal of Enron Corporation and their auditors Arthur Andersen, which was revealed in late 2001. After a series of revelations involving irregular accounting procedures conducted throughout the 1990s, Enron filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December 2001.[38]

One consequence of these events was the passage of Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002, as a result of the first admissions of fraudulent behavior made by Enron. The act significantly raises criminal penalties for securities fraud, for destroying, altering or fabricating records in federal investigations or any scheme or attempt to defraud shareholders.[39] Another example of corporate fraud was the case of Australian telecommunications company One-tel. The financial manager, Jodee Rich was subsequently charged with fraud and spent several years in jail after fraudulently stating the companies financial position, to encourage investment by some of Australia’s richest people including James Packer and Lachlan Murdoch.[40]When it collapsed in 2001, One-tel lost its shareholders in excess of 920 million dollars.

St Louis CPA Firms

Notes and references

Business and economics portal Look up accountancy or accounting in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Wikibooks has a book on the topic of

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SNOSN=?UTF-8?B?wrsg?=Government Business Grants Category Gm-r – The ...

SNOSN» Government Business Grants Category Gm-r – The ...

Simply put, the entrepreneur does not have the obligation to pay a single dime to the government. Nobody would want to lose the opportunity of getting free money especially when it comes from the government.Government Business Grants – The Different Advantages

Before the government was focused on giving financial assistance to health care and educational sectors. But now times has changed, small businesses have been get financial assistance from the government in the form of business grant.


Today, business grants are not for the big companies but for small businesses as well who wants to make it big in the future. Such even encourage women and minorities to participate and apply for a business grant. Talking about equality right? This is a manifestation that even though how diverse the country is, still it sees no color, race or beliefs as a basis to help a person in terms of financial assistance.

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A total of million has been given to the minorities and women in the form business grants. This does shows that every person has been given a share of getting financial aid from the government provided that the process and requirements are strictly being adhered upon. This is such a huge amount considering it is free money given to individuals or businessmen. This can definitely encourage a lot of aspiring businessmen out there to apply for a business grants and get the money needed to start up.Government Business Grants – The Different Advantages

There are so many advantages of government business grants.

Let me show you how to get ,000 Free Government Grant from the US Government as little as 7 days. Click here now!

Usual targets include different types of businesses.

This is good news to businessmen who does not have good credit history. Credit history is not an eligibility criteria, therefore it does not affect your business application at all.

Let me show you how to get ,000 Free Government Grant from the US Government as little as 7 days.

3. No need of presenting perfect credit history.

Government Business Grants – The Different Advantages

2. Most of these grants are free.

Want to get free money from the government? Start processing your business grant application now!

Article Source : Government Business Grants – The Different Advantages

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Some Pointers When Applying For Government Grants For Small ...

Some Pointers When Applying For Government Grants For Small ...

There are federal agencies inside us who offer government grants for small business. Some of those agencies are the Division of Commerce, Section of State, United states doe, Office of Homeland Security, Division of Transportation, Section of Agriculture, Section of Defence, Office of Justice, Corporation for National and Local community Service, and numerous more. It's seriously a matter of applying for the most suitable style of grant with the right timing.

One should face the reality that when it comes to government grants for small business, the competition is tough as an outcome of limited resources allotted for the grant. Although the government is definitely willing to help simply because the small business sector is among the crucial parts within the economy, a lot of preparation ought to be made and take note, paper works and very much of patience. It can be vital to match the business that you are attempting to build to any form of grant you may be applying for.

For starters, should you be inside the position of deciding which business you intend to pursue, it could be better if you'll be able to have some purposes that are focused to the advantages that it will give to your local community, which is to be certainly one of many strongpoint of your proposal. Try to collect some recommendations from credible persons in your local community say for example a representative from an academic institution and a professional organization. These recommendations will make your request stronger as it really is going to become proved for being beneficial to the group and thus deserved to turn out to be funded by the government. Government grants for small business are commonly awarded to those people whose businesses are based on non-profit organizations.

When producing the business or the project proposal, it must have the characteristic of being organized and so you should collect all the essential supporting documents before creating it. After the draft has been developed eventually, it is wise to undertake a credible individual familiar with government processes review the proposal. That way, you'll have a concept if your application for government grants for small business can be successful or not.

Partners in Preservation Recognizes River-Oriented Sites

Partners in Preservation Recognizes River-Oriented Sites

Partners in Preservation, the collaboration between American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation that will infuse $1 million into historic preservation grants in the Twin Cities, clearly demonstrates the value of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers to the region's historic fabric.

Seven of the 25 eligible sites are directly associated with the river networks in the Twin Cities:

  • Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts, Fridley
  • Fort Snelling Upper Post, Building 67, Unincorporated Hennepin County
  • Historic Pilot Knob, Mendota Heights
  • Mill Ruins Park, Minneapolis
  • Minnehaha Park, Minneapolis
  • The Soap Factory, Minneapolis
  • Waterford Iron Bridge, Waterford Township

Others on the list, available here, may be as well; write in and let me know.

A number of our partners are actively encouraging support for the places they are most associated with.  Since I don't want to get myself in trouble with any of them, I'll take the coward's way out and encourage support for all.  Voting ends October 12, so go online to the site and follow the instructions.

We'll write about winners and their projects as the time to do that comes along.

Avail Free Government Grants | Divine Writers

Avail Free Government Grants | Divine Writers

Free government grants are always available especially for business and other financial aid. From the word "free" you will not worry on paying back these said grants. If you want to gather more information about this, just search with your internet and surely you will find numerous websites that discuss details about free grants.

To have this grants all you have to do is to apply for it and most likely it's not easy to have it. The hard part of having it is getting qualified and passing the interviews. There are questions to be thrown to the applicants; they would ask about you backgrounds and why you need it. Just make sure that you have all the requirements most especially the personal documents, if you are accepted then you are lucky and enjoy the benefit.

You will find a lot of choice of various categories which you would fill in, not only for business grants but also with other grants like financial support and education grants. If you want to finish your education you are able to apply for school grants, and no be concerned of paying back. Remember not all people are conscious of these grants and not all people are eligible to have it.

The best thing of this is when you have the money you don't have to repay it. Some like a donation from Santa. With this you don't have to think for monthly bills or those times when you don't have money to pay you dues.

There are things to ponder when applying a government grants. First you need to be an American citizen to be qualified on the different government grants. Then comply all the needed requirements such as personal documents and application forms, just make sure that from the very start of you r application that you are an eligible citizen. Make sure that you really know the information or the details of the government grants you are applying to.

Get far more details about grant income in our write-up about Free Government Small Business Grants. Pay a visit to our website about government grants for further info.

News and Events: Links to what we=?UTF-8?B?4oCZ?=re reading

News and Events: Links to what we're reading

September 28, 2011 4:10 pm

In itself, the University of Wisconsin story isn't THAT big of a deal, but it represents, in its own obtuse way, just another indication of the indisputable and still-underrated value of social media interaction. Underestimate Facebook engagement at your own risk, because the benefits of throwing resources at it can, often, yield impressive dividends.

Government Grants creative concepts 22

Government Grants creative concepts 22

From PhysicsWiki

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Federal Grants |

Federal Grants |

Federal Grants

Going to college can be expensive, so fortunately there are a variety of college and university grants to help out students who need financial help to get them through their studies. 

There are a wide variety of college grants available and one of the most popular types are federal and government grants. The government offer several college grants for students across the United States and in today's guide we look at what you need to know about them.

Federal and government college grants were put in place to help students to pay for costs associated with their tertiary education, including tuition fees, room and board, books and other college essentials. In the United States there are a variety of college grants available from the government at both state, local and federal levels.

As of 2010 there were nine federal college grant programs and 605 state student grant programs available for students. We look at some of the college grants available below.

Although there are hundreds of different college grants available, some are more popular than others. The best known federal government college grants are the Pell Grants, which are awarded to students based on financial need.

The other federal government college grants available to apply for are the Federal SEOG Grants, SMART Grants, Academic Competitiveness Grants, Federal Work-Study Program, federal Stafford Loans, state student incentive grants and PLUS Loans. These college grants are made by the U.S. Department of Education.

As well as federal government college grants there are also grants available at the state level. There are a range of financial aid options available at the state level. As well as grants you can also apply for loans, work-study programs, tuition waivers and scholarships, depending on your eligibility.

Every college grant has different eligibility criteria, however essentially they can be divided into two different categories: merit-based or need-based. 

Merit-based federal and government grants are awarded to students based on their academic ability as opposed to financial reasons. Often there are conditions attached to merit-based grants, usually requiring you to maintain a specific grade average throughout the period of your grant.

Need-based federal college grants take into consideration your financial situation. These college grants are usually given to students from low-income families who otherwise may not be able to attend college without the grant. 

Some grants will take into consideration a range of demographic factors such as your gender, age, ethnicity, background and more. If you come from a minority background you may find that there is a specific government college grant that you will be eligible for.

If you want to apply for federal or government college grants you will need to plan ahead. The government gets thousands of applications for college grants so you need to ensure that you give yourself the best chance possible for success. 

As we mentioned earlier, federal and government grants are based on either merit or need. If you don't believe you will be eligible for a need-based college grant you should ensure that you get the highest grades possible to make you eligible for a merit-based grant.

Many federal and government grants are provided on a first come, first served basis so it is essential you get your applications in as early as possible – preferably as close to January 1st as you can, however deadlines vary between grants – so check this well in advance.

Before you apply for a college grant you should make sure that you have done your research to ensure you know all of your options. With hundreds of different state government grants and several federal grants, you have a lot of information to go through. 

If you have any questions about applying for a specific college grant you should always get in contact with someone at the education office so you can be certain you know everything about the grant you are applying for. They may also be able to give you some tips to help improve your chances of success. 

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Government Grants Guide guidelines 79

Government Grants Guide guidelines 79

From DesertBlog

(Difference between revisions)

Single moms , who are curious about choosing mortgages , may possibly fight to deal with the rigid wants for purchasing contouring loans . The financing standards for conventional loans have been renewed by Freddie Apple and Fannie Mae since they were placed under the conservatorship of your Federal government Houses Money Agency (FHFA) in September 2008. Today , single mothers who have an interest in choosing contouring personal loans must have favorable credit rankings more suitable inside the 700s for procuring the same at a fair rate of interest . The content on mortgage loans for single moms covers the alternatives available to single parents who have an interest in getting residence loans at a fair interest rate Government Grants Government Grants guide.

House Loans for Single Parents


Canada News Centre - Government of Canada grants $214800 in ...

Canada News Centre - Government of Canada grants $214800 in ...

Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions

Joliette, Quebec, September 28, 2011 – The Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities and Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec, announces that the Conseil de développement bioalimentaire de Lanaudière ( CDBL) will receive $214,800 in non-repayable funding over three years to continue addressing the needs of small firms in the organic foods sector.  

“We are proud to support the Conseil de développement bioalimentaire de Lanaudière, which provides invaluable assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises looking to make their mark and commercialize local products,” said Minister Lebel.

With this funding, the CDBL will be able to pursue its mission to help enterprises improve their productivity and adopt best commercial practices. The organization will also support the development of agritourism and the commercialization of related products, as well as guide enterprises in overcoming the challenges inherent in the supply, distribution and transportation of fresh produce.  

The Conseil will use this financial assistance, which has been granted through the Community Diversification program, to cover the cost of its operations directly associated with the priorities identified in its agreement with Canada Economic Development. 

- 30 -


Marie-Claude Lemire
Canada Economic Development
Tel.: 514-283-0306

Pierre Floréa
Press Secretary
Office of the Honourable Denis Lebel
Canada Economic Development
Tel.: 514-496-1282

Canada News Centre - Government of Canada grants $2.7 million in ...

Canada News Centre - Government of Canada grants $2.7 million in ...

Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions

Montréal, Quebec, September 28, 2011 – The Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities and Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec, announces the awarding of $2,775,200 in non-repayable funding to the World Trade Centre Montréal (WTC Montréal). This financial assistance will enable the organization to pursue its mission over the next three years and thereby continue helping Quebec’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) capitalize on business opportunities on foreign markets and adjust to the new realities of the global economy.

“The renewal of our partnership with the World Trade Center Montréal is consistent with the measures the Government of Canada has put in place to facilitate access to foreign markets and help our businesses take full advantage of that,” said Minister Lebel.

The growth of the Canadian economy will depend increasingly on the international success of our companies. The Government of Canada recognizes the key importance of exports in ensuring our prosperity. WTC Montréal, which plays a pivotal role in this regard, will use this funding from the Government of Canada to, among other things, continue forging links abroad with prospective business partners. 

“The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal and its team of international trade experts from the World Trade Centre Montréal are proud to be able to count on the support of Canada Economic Development in our mission to serve Quebec SMEs. Our challenge is to continue providing effective guidance to SMEs in their foreign export initiatives and equip them with the tools they need to contribute to the economic prosperity of Quebec and of Canada,” explained Michel Leblanc, President and CEO of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal.

By supporting current and aspiring exporters today, Canada Economic Development and WTC Montréal are helping to foster the competitiveness of our businesses of tomorrow.

This contribution from the Government of Canada has been granted through the Export Support initiative of Canada Economic Development’s Business and Regional Growth program.

For more information on the activities and services offered by WTC Montréal, visit external link


- 30 -


Marie-Claude Lemire
Canada Economic Development
Tel.: 514-283-2199

Pierre Floréa
Press Secretary
Office of the Honourable Denis Lebel
Canada Economic Development
Tel.: 514-496-1282

Government Business Grants for Small Business Start Ups

Government Business Grants for Small Business Start Ups

For several business people hoping to start off a modest organization finding the hard cash to do so is usually a main stumbling position. There are many routes to think about and for most modest enterprise proprietors the very first two they feel of is either acquiring a financial institution loan or locating ready traders who imagine in their organization. While these two approaches do work there is a single key drawback, the specter of spending back again that cash whilst hoping to get your organization likely.

The 3rd technique that several little company start off ups seem to be to forget is getting one particular of the thousands of authorities organization grants that are provided by the federal federal government every year. For the fledgling organization operator this infusion of free of charge money, that is correct, grants do not have to be paid back, can be the variation in between a profitable commence or a dismal failure.


If this seems like a very good way to get began there are a number of points you require to get organized ahead of you commence writing grant proposals for your organization endeavor.  The most critical aspect of any new commence up is a sound organization program. This is essentially your street map to good results and any governmental company that is accountable for providing grants will want to see one.

Two folks who can be of great help when it comes generating a organization plan and applying for federal government grants for tiny businesses are a excellent accountant and attorney. They can help manual you by means of the complete approach making certain that your company prepare is sound and all the numbers make feeling. This can drastically boost your chances of effectively obtaining a modest business grant.

It is critical that you use any grant cash you obtain for the objective for which you at first stated in your application and enterprise program. These companies that granted the cash for your enterprise applications want to see you be successful. They imagine you have a audio prepare but if you are located not to be utilizing the cash to further your achievement you stand a very good chance of becoming strongly sanctioned or penalized.

This typically isn't a difficulty even though simply because most business people use the cash for its intended goal, which is to begin and develop their enterprise. For this objective it can be difficult to beat federal government company grants.

Applying For Government Grants For Small Businesses

Applying For Government Grants For Small Businesses

Commencing up your individual business is not unattainable. All I involves is proper consciousness on the government help that you may possibly get advantage and appropriate guidance. These are the govt grants for little enterprise groups that we usually see on information headlines, infomercials, and on-line advertisement. But a simple have to be mindful in identifying which of this details is authentic. You never want to start shedding money just before you generate some.

To know some essential details about federal government grants for small company teams, one should recognize that phrase "grant" won't essentially suggest any value. Even however there are a handful of exceptions wherein the complete price range is provided by the govt, these are constrained to non commercial organizations such as nonprofit organizations. These would consist of these in neuron-scientific medicine, study, schooling and other people. The government grants for modest businesses are within the kind of loans and funding help from business banking institutions and lenders.

The us government gives very a couple of guidance and packages for those who require to have it. The federal government grants for little organization teams might be located on some government internet internet sites. There are many pointers to appear at prior to applying for a grant. We'll have to understand that authorities grants for little business is created to defend the curiosity of enterprise proprietors and offer a free of charge of charge competition offered inside of the marketplace. Winning a grant is genuinely a tough operate alongside with the competitors starts even prior to you place up the enterprise you would like. The evident way to begin is to put together all of the needed documents anticipated for the purposes and a comprehensive proposal. Less high-priced presents the goal properly along making use of the plans and budgets. If there won't be troubles making use of the eligibility as well as the applicant is a legislation abiding citizen, then there is a far greater opportunity of approval.

You should know the sort of grant present that you need. Government grants for small business are offered for the proper candidate so as extended as the candidate is self-confident about their target, then all it calls for patience. Then if almost everything goes proper then your grant will basically get accredited and you will get the desired finance to start off your own company through the authorities grants for small enterprise.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Applying For Government Grants For Small Businesses | latest trend

Applying For Government Grants For Small Businesses | latest trend

Beginning up your own business isn't impossible. All you normally require is suitable awareness on the government support you might take advantage and proper guidance. The basic government grants for small business groups that we usually see on news headlines, infomercials, and on the web advertisement. But one need to be careful in identifying which of this information is authentic. You don't want to lose funds before you earn some.

To know some vital facts about government grants for small business groups, one ought to notice that word "grant" doesn't necessarily mean totally free. Although you can find a number of exceptions wherein the total budget is supplied by the government, these are limited to non commercial organizations which include nonprofit organizations. These would include those in the field of medicine, research, education and a lot of others. The government grants for small businesses are in the form of loans and financing help from commercial banks and lenders.

The nation's government offers a multitude of help and programs for those who need it. The government grants for small business groups can be discovered on some government internet sites. There are several pointers to take into account before applying for a grant. We should realize that government grants for small business are developed to protect the interest of business owners and supply a no cost competition on the current market. Winning a grant is a hard work along with the competition starts even before you put up the business you wish. The obvious way to begin is to prepare all of the essential documents needed for the applications and a comprehensive proposal. You need to basically present the purpose properly combined with the plans and budgets. If there won't be any complications with all the eligibility along with the applicant is usually a law abiding citizen, then there exists a better chance of approval.

Maybe you ought to know the species of grant provide that you'll require. Government grants for small business are provided for the right candidate so in case you are confident about your objective, then requires patience.

Personal Finance, Government Grants Canada $3 46 Per Hop Huge ...

Personal Finance, Government Grants Canada $3 46 Per Hop Huge ...

In Singapore, it's save and be saved – Globe and Mail

… and Canada (in 22nd place with per-capita … global financial crisis, it doubled to 4 per … save 20 per cent of their wages in personal savings accounts …

The Globe and Mail – Globe and Mail

… I'll still be answering your investing and personal finance questions in my … We talk about having portfolios that have a 5-per-cent … Canada is blessed with …

Nearly a million businesses have not paid corporate income tax – Calgary Herald

Personal Tech . Nearly a million … “We have to investigate further and see if there are loopholes,” said NDP finance critic … 75 per cent of corporations in Canada have …

Mallick: The Onion is coming to Toronto – Toronto Star

The Onion has not the faintest grasp of Canada … "or does my admiration just reflect a personal deficit in my own life?" … "They bite," said 43 per cent. …

America risks ‘destroying civilisation’ – Al Jazeera

… governing corporate finance and the workings of the financial … the value per hecatre: Intact wetland in Canada declined in value … personal to the planetary level …

Spanish bond yields rise – Financial Times

Personal Finance Property … that the size of the European Financial Stability Facility could be … the auction of the three-month bills rose to 1.692 per …

Park Electrochemical 2Q profit falls 18.8 percent – Yahoo! Finance – Yahoo Finance

Personal Finance. Banking & Budgeting … or 37 cents per share, compared with .4 million, … fundAnalyst estimates data provided by Thomson Financial Network.

Health care and the Ron Paul redux – Al Jazeera

The idea of taking personal … “Just like they have in Canada … “America’s top five health insurance companies increased their profits by 56 per …

Microsoft raises dividend 25 pct to support stock – Yahoo! Finance – Yahoo Finance

Personal Finance. Banking & Budgeting … The change announced Tuesday will boost Microsoft’s dividend to 20 cents per share … fundAnalyst estimates data provided by Thomson Financial …

BAE Systems to axe up to 3,000 jobs – YAHOO!

Personal Finance; Press Releases; Taxes … Hundreds protest Canada pipeline … If you are put out of work and it is all your own fault as per the ”Cameron Doctrine”.

Government Grants For First Time Home Buyers – Get the Money ...

Government Grants For First Time Home Buyers – Get the Money ...

It wasn't to long ago that the prices on homes was out of reach for first time buyers. Now that the economy is bad, the prices have dropped but no one has the money to buy. What many people don't realize is that there are tons of government grants for first time home buyers available for assistance.

Buying your first home is a big deal. Your home is the biggest investment a person makes in their lifetime. It's unfortunate that with the lack of job stability that we once enjoyed, many people are afraid to put a decent amount of money down on a home.

The other factor is that banks are just not lending money to those with little or no credit the way that they used to. This makes it even harder for a first time buyer to purchase a house. With government grants for first time home buyers, you can get the assistance needed to close the deal.

Not only can you get grants to help with getting a loan, you also never have to pay them back. The government actually wants people to succeed and grow financially. This is a big reason why they make these grants available. The problem is that many people don't know that government grants for first time home buyers even exist. Every year there are millions of dollars left over in these programs because no one claims it.

Don't think you have to stop there though. Just because you get one grant, that doesn't mean that you cannot receive another one! You can apply for as many as you want. There are grants for writers, grants for disabled people, single mothers and education grants and many more.

To find out more about first time home buyer grants you can Click Here.

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Government Grants For Small Business Among The Selections

Government Grants For Small Business Among The Selections

google_ad_width = 336;
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Placing up your own business is feasible by thinking about some selections that may possibly help you make the initial action. The very best thing is sufficient knowledge on different kinds of government grants for small business that you choose to may take advantage. It requires proper guidance, hard work and some patience. There are lots of government enable grants which you might avail and we see numerous of them within the web and newspapers. Despite the reality that a lot of them are too great to be genuine, you just need to have to be careful by checking if this information is true if you don't want to start losing extra dollars than you gain.

As a technique to know everything you will need about government grants for small business, try inquiring about them around the net by means of government web sites or you may go directly to the nearest government agency in your place. The support offered by the government doesn't necessarily mean totally free money. They are frequently in the form of low interest loans. Although you will discover several instances when the government supply total assist depending about the case, one have to understand that these government grants for small business are primarily for non pro profit organizations that support scientific researches, medical and technological purposes, and those that have purposes which will benefit the community. A big variety of government grants for small business can only be awarded to individuals who passed the screening and strict reviews carried out by the government.

The US government delivers quite a few sorts of grants and funds for individuals who are proven worthy and eligible to receive them. Government grants for small business are the most controversial offers. You can come across a great deal of information about the net about the steps and procedures it's advisable to follow if it is advisable to apply. These government grants for small business are created to promote no cost competition and to protect the interest with the small business sector. The uncomplicated truth is that the likelihood of winning a grant is small specifically when you are promoting a business which is entirely profit in nature. All it takes is tough operate and correct awareness so as to succeed.

Why Consider Acquiring Government Grants : Lynn Houghton

Why Consider Acquiring Government Grants : Lynn Houghton

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A government grants can be described as financial award paid from the Government toward the funding of a certain project and particular resourceful reasons. These grants may be directed at education and learning institutions, research organizations, medical institutions, individuals or a set of people with the identical pursuits. government grants have a great difference from financial loans. government grants do not require to be paid back in the same capacity such as loans where one has to pay them back with an interest. It is therefore better to get a government grant when compared to a loan. Just because government grants usually are not paid back much the same way as loans, one should not assume they are taken lightly.

The governments give grants with the goal of wanting to improve its placement in terms of finances, academic qualifications along with economy growth amongst others. When a grant is actually granted to a person for beginning smaller businesses the economic system will certainly improve and the individual will be much less centered on the government simply because they can support themselves monetarily. When grants are usually given to students, they shall be in a position to enroll in greater levels of education which will be useful to both the government and also the scholars can obtain good job. The government will have designed a great achievement in terms of professionalism and reliability.

Since the government can't be able to cater for almost all the financial needs of its people, the simplest way it can attain the economic needs of its individuals will be through these kinds of grants. In some cases, the grants tend to be given to individuals that have experienced disasters which are beyond their own control. For example, when there is a flood in a particular nation, the federal government may possibly give grants to individuals who experienced problems due to this kind of catastrophe. The grants may in turn help the impacted individuals to get completely new homes or otherwise some refuge. They'll also have the ability to start a whole new business as a way to support their own needs.

There are government grants that are given for medical aid. These types of grants usually are not automatically in the form of money. Nevertheless, they can come in form of medical services which can be supplied of free. When there will be an outbreak of a disease in a country, the government can easily decide to provide totally free medical attention to the much less fortunate. Since you will see some money spent to get medicine to the impacted individuals and to pay the medical professionals included, it may also be considered as a government grant.

Acquiring government grants should not be a difficult job. Just about all that a person needs is to possess a concrete reason to get the grants. Since the grants differ, one should have a clear objective of just what they would like to do with the grant. Once they have set up their own reason for the grant, they are able to start applying for the grant. The application ought to be filled thoroughly with almost all areas getting the necessary information. You can get information concerning obtaining a government grant form government offices in their location.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Get College Grants for Single=?UTF-8?B?wqA=?=Mothers

Get College Grants for Single Mothers

With every body being kicked out of their job, getting laid off in addition to getting fired, several are trying that find a way with the meaning of be alive supplementary competitive within their job searches.
The one thing to different people often used to facade forward with the intention of is job security. Unfortunately it doesn't live since much since it was formerly. Right now stipulation you want with the goal of even have one type of job security you will need with the meaning of make sure with the meaning of you are someone to your employer wants so as to hold onto.
With having just a simple soaring school education doesn't scratch it. Just regarding everybody has a sky-scraping school education nowadays. With companies may perhaps easily replace you with whichever teenager so as to just got out of school. Proviso you want with the target of stick around much longer on your pending job, it will subsist a good idea with the intention of get a college degree.
Qualification getting this college point is going with the objective of be alive easier said next done. With in addition to the cost of a decent college education getting even added expensive seeing that we speak, diverse are finding it very complex with the meaning of even trust going back with the target of school. But it must live done rider you want to facilitate get out of with the goal of paycheck with the intent of paycheck lifestyle.
Plus fortunately right now, proviso you exist so as to exist a single mom with the objective of is interested during going back so as to school there are college grants for solitary mothers available just in lieu of you. The college grants in support of single mothers is a blessing representing a variety of moms to are wanting to facilitate go back with the purpose of school with the meaning of get into a better career that pays them better in addition to as well provides a better lifestyle in lieu of not only themselves stipulation on behalf of their kids because well.
The college grants on behalf of individual moms is pretty much a $10,000 scholarship with the target of doesn't have with the plan of exist paid back as well as you may well use the college grants in place of lone moms used for just in relation to anything you wish. You could apply it towards your school fees, college tuition, books, rent, daycare expenses, groceries as well as much other. You might pretty much use it meant for whatever you wish.
But unfortunately formerly you can build use of the college scholarships in support of solitary mothers you will need that meet certain requirements. The chief requirement with the intent of you have with the purpose of meet up with the objective of to time you may well take advantage of the college scholarships in lieu of individual mothers award is with the objective of you must be alive on least 18 years of age or else older.
The near-term requirement with the intent of you need with the intent of meet is with the aim of you must be alive currently being during the US. In addition to last qualification not least, you must be alive interested within going back with the goal of school into the near-term day otherwise accordingly.
But you feel so as to you comfortably meet these requirements subsequently you should exist good with the goal of go so as to take advantage of an opportunity that will build going back so as to school very easy on you.

Get college grants for Single Mothers

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Million$ in college grants for bogus “green=?UTF-8?B?wqA=?=jobs=?UTF-8?B?4oCd?=

Million$ in college grants for bogus "green jobs"

The federal government has been very busy on the "green jobs" front – spending lots of your money creating nebulous jobs (which they couldn't define) that ultimately end up in China. Recently the regime simply labeled all jobs as green jobs (more here), including financial advisers, wholesale buyers and reporters. This allowed them to speciously claim that the government has created 200,000 "green jobs." Hmmm…

According to this story (from the Daily Caller), the Labor Department has gotten into the act by providing grants to colleges and universities to train students in "green jobs" technologies. What could possibly go wrong?

The Department of Labor has issued several million dollars in grants to community colleges and specialized universities around the country to train students for "green jobs" in renewable energy fields. While the grants are supposed to fund the future "rank and file" workers of the renewable energy industry, there's a glaring problem the DOL seemingly overlooked — those jobs are either non-existent or scarce.

A former college official who has applied for these grants and has in-depth experience working with the Department of Labor and the Department of Education told The Daily Caller that colleges will often fudge expected job placement numbers just to get extra government cash.

"On ground level – it's a real struggle – my grant writers came to me and honestly said, 'I don't have any job projections, what do I tell them?' You do your best to make up job numbers," said the former college official, who wished to remain anonymous to prevent jeopardizing future job opportunities. "But it's not like lying – it's just guessing what we might be able to do in a best case scenario, but you don't say it's not likely for many jobs."

The former college official told TheDC that, though his college received five different "green jobs" grants from the Department of Labor to train students, no program has been set up yet.

Let me see if I've got this straight:

  • The government is giving taxpayer money to colleges to train students for jobs that either don't exist or can't be defined.
  • The colleges don't have a clue on job projections so they're making up numbers based on "best case" scenarios.
  • The colleges may be inflating the numbers of potential jobs to get more money.
  • While they have already received the grant money, few of the programs have actually been implemented.

Jeez, sounds like a winning formula to me. I think I'll start Da Mook College of Green Stuff. I could offer courses in "How to Use 7 Union Workers to Screw in a CFL Bulb" or "Let's Build a Wind Turbine – In China." The feds would fall over themselves to give me grant money! SHEESH!

It's not like these grants are being given to research and development programs at big name schools focusing on developing new renewable energy technology, either. They're being given to universities and community colleges to train students in technical or associate degree programs to work in yet-to-be-developed fields. Many of the grants are promised to colleges that pledged to push "green jobs" or "new energy technology," but don't go into much more detail about how they plan to go about doing that.

The former college official told TheDC that, though solar and wind are emerging energy sources and though some people around the country are interested in making their homes or businesses "greener," he thinks there isn't enough business to support the people being trained to go into these industries. Colleges, he said, are simply incapable of turning down free government money.

free money indeed. Who the hell do they think pays for this bullshit?

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February 22, 2011 How Did Morristown College Grant Money End Up With the Millennium Group?

February 22, 2011 How Did Morristown College Grant Money End Up With the Millennium Group?

Just how did $1.2 Million in federal grant dollars get moved from needed work at and around Morristown College to the downtown Millennium Partners retail shell space/rooftop parking project?  [This is a follow-up from yesterday's post on conflicts of interest in the Millennium grant process.]

In 2005-2006, federal grant funds of $1,200,000 were received and were to be matched with local funds in a public-private partnership at Morristown College. The goal was preservation of the many historic buildings on the College property along with construction of a Community Center and pools, etc.

Ironically, Todd Morgan, who has been pushing the Millennium project, nominated Morristown College for inclusion in East Tennessee’s Endangered Heritage just weeks before Morgan put a plan before the City Council to move the Morristown college grant funds to benefit the Millennium group.

Click here for a post on Morgan’s nomination of Morristown College for inclusion on a list of endangered historic buildings and here for a picture of the Laura Yard Hill Administration Building and the full News-Sentinel story.

When the public-private partnership fell through, Mayor Barile signed a contract with TDOT in 2007 changing the scope of the Morristown college grant to construction of a greenway connector trail into the Morristown College site and a trailhead at the Fred Kyle Park with parking spaces.

The new scope also included a perimeter walking path around the College site and 2-1/2 miles of sidewalks with street lights and curbs on parts of Branner Street, Blair Street, Buffalo Trail, Carriger Street, Panorama Drive, E. 6th North, James Street/Daisy Street, Terrace View, and Morristown Cemetery Trail. Drainage problems would also be addressed.

The purpose of revising the plans for Morristown College, as stated by Mayor Barile in her letter to TDOT in 2007, was: “[T]o increase the safety and well-being of the people that live in this area.”

After signing the 2007 contract with TDOT,  the City sat on the grant and did nothing. Why? The City was broke and couldn’t come up with the local match to access the $1,200,000 of federal funds. Former City Administrator Jim Crumley was hiding a financial mess, and the Mayor and Council either didn’t know why the grant work was not starting or did know but were concerned that it all reflected badly on the City, Mayor, and Council.  The Morristown College site continued to deteriorate. 

Mayor Barile, who signed the 2007 grant contract for Morristown College and spoke of the health and safety of area residents, didn’t have a clue. According to the Mayor, she didn’t know until early 2010 that the City was broke. Click here for the day the Mayor and Council woke up to the financial nightmare that she and the Council have presided over.

Instead of taking care of the city’s finances and using the grant funds for the preservation and improvement of the Morristown College site, Mayor Barile and Council spent time and money stamping brick designs on roadways, placing islands in the middle of East First North (that have now been removed), and wailing about ”light pollution.” 

Morristown College was slowly falling apart. And the City’s answer to the deterioration was to take the $1,200,000 of federal grant money that could have been used to preserve and improve the Morristown College site and transfer all that money to the downtown Millennium Square Partnership group, composed of local businessmen and the City’s auditors.

Some of the most beautiful buildings at Morristown College have now burned. The historic area continues to deteriorate.  Residents of the area have asked for help as property values decrease and concerns for safety increase. They may get the City to mow the area and do some clean-up.

But the money that was available for the Morristown College area from as far back as 2005 was transferred to downtown businessmen (Millennium Partners) for a project where the City ends up with a 25-year lease for 22 rooftop parking spaces, a bike rack, a stairway, and a sign designating the rooftop parking as a greenways “trailhead.”

$1,200,000 for safety, historical preservation, parking, sidewalks, lights, and curbs, OR 22 rooftop parking spaces? The City chose 22 rooftop parking spaces.