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Transferring from community college, should I ... - Government Grants

Transferring from community college, should I ... - Government Grants

Transferring from community college, should I plan ahead?

I'm in my first semester of community college in Florida. I'm 16 with a GED ( I was stupid and left school at 14) an ACT of 30 and 3.9 GPA and I'm looking to transfer for spring 2013 (when I'll be 18), the thing is my expected financial contribution from FAFSA is 0 and I don't have a lot of options because of my financial situation. I want to go to law school, hopefully NYU, UC Berkley or Columbia, and I wanted to know if going to USF/UCF/FSU as opposed to a more prestigious school will negatively effect my chances. I plan on keeping my GPA up and I got a 171 on a practice LSAT, so what should I do? Take a bunch of loans to go to some school up north, or spend no money(tuition will be completely covered by Pell grants and FL bright futures grants) and stay in FL?
The reason I'm asking so early is I'm trying to plan my classes for next semester and every school has different transfer prerequisites

Stay in Florida for undergrad. You will have a huge debt from Law school so you do not need more. Florida has some great schools and you can get accepted to many of the best law schools from there.

Hi there :) I'm doing the same thing as far as transferring from a CC. What I suggest doing is contacting the school that you want to transfer and ask them what are their requirements. Perhaps explain you're situation and see what extra requirements you'll have to go through in order to have a chance of being accepted. Visit their website and see what will transfer and what won't, trust me, it will save yourself some trouble and embarrassment of taking a bunch of classes that won't transfer. Also look into financial aid, how much money you can borrow, how many programs you'll have to go through, their requirements, etc?

I know it sounds like a lot but pace yourself and you'll be fine.

If you have no money, and no financial aid, how on earth are you going to go to college out-of-state where tuition is 4-times what you'd pay in Florida.

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